Construction Update – Nov 19, 2015

Detention Pond
Work is in progress to build the detention pond wall adjacent to the railway tracks, followed by the installation of a secure fence around the pond. The pond work is expected to be completed by end of November, Insha Allah.

Detention Pond - wall on track side under construction

Detention Pond – wall on track side under construction

Curbs and Gutters
Work on curbs and gutters has completed.


Parking lot with curbs and gutters

Parking lot with curbs and gutters

Asphalt Paving

After preparing the base layer on Wed 11/18, we started application of primer to the surface on Thursday, Nov 19th, Alhamdu lillah. There is a section in the parking lot that will be primed early Friday (11/20) morning, Insha Allah. On Friday, Nov 20th and Saturday, Nov 21st, asphalt paving work will take placeInsha Allah. During this time, there will be no access to ICBC premises. Please stay tuned for further update in this regard.


Primer applied to the lot

Electrical work and Parking lot lights
The parking lot lighting plan has been approved by the City (of Cedar Park), last week, Alhumdulillah. We are in the process of securing quotes for electrical work, including installation of parking lot lights. PEC (electric company) will be installing a new transformer at ICBC, we are awaiting the exact date of installation (from PEC). As part of the electrical plan, we will be installing concrete base for lighting as well as conduits for wiring.

Basket Ball Court
The grading work as well as the retaining wall for the court has been completed, Alhumdulillah. Concrete is expected to be poured on Monday Nov 2nd, Insha Allah. The remaining work (acrylic coating, court markings, installing hoops and a secure fence around court, etc) will be completed in about 2 weeks, thereafter, Alhumdulillah.

Landscape and Irrigation
We have received a few quotes for Landscaping and Irrigation work and expect to finalize the contract(s) by Nov 14th, Insha Allah. This will be the final step in the Phase I construction.

Status of the current (existing) parking lot
Several community members have inquired about the plans for the existing parking lot, post Phase 1 completion. This area will not be demolished during this phase. Instead, once the asphalt paving is complete, we will remove the temporary (ramp) access to this lot and will use this space for community events and children’s play area, Insha Allah. This lot will be removed during the next phase (Masjid construction).

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