Lecture: Anger Management for Spouses

Insha Allah, we will have a Guest Lecture on Thursday, November 20h, as given below.

Lecture Topic: Anger Management for Spouses

When: Thursday Nov 20th

Time: After Isha sala’at (8:00 PM )

Distinguished Speaker: Sh. Kamil Mufti

Sheikh Kamil Mufti is currently the Resident Scholar at Masjid Salaam, Peoria, IL. He obtained a BS from UT Austin and attended graduate program at UT Arlington. He worked in the field of IT before formally devoting himself to the traditional study of orthodox Islam and Arabic, studying with and learning from several scholars from Asia and Middle East . He studied in Mauritania under one of the great scholars of his time, Ash-Sheikh al-Murabit Muhammad Salim al-Wadud, may Allah have mercy on him. In Quran, he has ijaza (formal license) in the recitation of Hafs‘an Aasim and possesses ijaza to transmit all major books of hadith and fiqh.

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