Children’s program change during Spring break week

The following schedule is for the various children’s programs during spring break week:

Al-Furqan Academy: There will be no class during spring break week, Classes will resume Friday March 23rd Insha Allah

Nazira (Quran-reading) program: There will be no classes during Spring break week. All classes resume from Sunday March 18th Insha Allah. Due to time change, class timing on Sunday will be 10am-11am.

Connect the dots: The program has just completed the semester. We are looking for teachers to help teach in classes. If interested, please email:

Girls Halaqa and hangout: Program in recess during spring break and will resume from March 24th

Weekend Islamic School: No school during Spring break week. Classes resume from Sunday March 18th. Due to time change, school begins at 11am and ends at 2 pm.

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