1. ICBC is open for the five daily prayers and Friday Jumu’ah prayer.
  2. Prayer is open to Men and Women.
  3. Registration is required for the three Jumu’ah prayer sessions.  Tickets can be obtained through the ICBC Web Site.  There is no fee associated with the ticket.
  4. Each Jumu’ah prayer session has a capacity of 150 Men and 100 Sisters.  Tickets are available on First-Come-First-Serve basis.
  5. At the masjid entrances, the tickets will be scanned.
  6. Attendees are strongly recommended to make Wudu (ablution) before coming to ICBC.
  7. Attendees will be checked for body temperature before allowed entry into the masjid. Those with body temperature above 99.4 degrees F will be refused entry.
  8. Hand sanitizers will be provided at the masjid entrance.
  9. Attendees must wear face mask.  Those without a face mask will be refused entry.
  10. Attendees must maintain six feet (6 feet) social distance while inside the ICBC premises.
  11. Attendees shall stay at the designated prayer spots inside the masjid.
  12. If you are ill or a member of your household is ill, please refrain from visiting ICBC.
  13. Those who have completed travel to “Quarantine Zones” or traveled outside the country must self-quarantine themselves for at least 14 days, per government guidelines, before visiting ICBC.
  14. Masjid will be closed and locked after the end of every salah.
  15. Socialization amongst attendees before or after salah, while at ICBC, is strongly discouraged.