ICBC Summer Program 2018

Alhamdoulilah, we have had a very successful and enjoyable summer program. It is the first time that such a format has been adopted at an ICBC program wherein we had contracted with external vendors for running several different camps. This generated tremendous interest and some very positive feedback from community members. These daily activities were complemented with a class on Islamic studies, ending with Dhuhr salaat. Over 70 students participated in these camps and our facilities were stretched to the maximum, the primary reason for limiting participation. And as we expand our facility with the anticipated completion of our Masjid’s construction in a few months Insha Allah, we will be able to also increase capacity in such programs, in future.

We would like to extend our thanks to the parents for their support and to the many volunteers who generously gave their time to help arrange and coordinate the entire program. Our sincere thanks to the camp instructors of Learning Fun 101 (Robotics), 4ReelZ Films (LEGO Film making), Cardovan Arts School, Cake decorating & Baking Basics, Calligraphy and Drama. They bought a unique blend of professionalism, passion and expertise that was a major contributor in making the summer program so overwhelmingly successful. In addition our gratitude to the Williamson County Sheriffs office for offering self defense classes for our children, during this program.

We would like to request the parents of the program participants take a few minutes to fill out a survey that will be sent shortly, Insha Allah. You may also email us any suggested areas of improvements to This will be of enormous help for the education committee in their planning. Jazakallah Khair!
Check out some pictures here!

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