ICBC Summer Programs for Children

Assalam Alaikum

Insha’Allah we are starting our online summer camps for children for Nazira and Hifz programs. Following are the details.

Nazira (Quran Reading Program)

  1. Nazira class will be online only
  2. Class dates will be from June 16 2020 – Aug 13 2020
  3. Classes will be on weekdays and weekend
    1. Tuesday, Thursday – 530P-730P
    2. Sunday            – 100P-200P
  4. Registration link is at
  5. Class size is limited to 7 students/class/teacher
  6. We are opening registration for students who have studied with us in the past.
    1. If we do not reach the class limit size, we will open registration to the general ICBC body in one week.
  7. Registration fees are $50/student for two (2) months.
    1. Please  goto to ICBC web page ( and make your payment in Donate -> Education
    2. Please make sure to specify that your payment is for Education and specify your child name.

Hifz Online Planning for 2020 Summer

Online registration is at

Session 1: This level assumes little-moderate proficiency with reading and memorizing Qur’an

  1. Dates: June 9 – July 9
  2. Timings: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 3:00P-4:00P
  3. Cap @ 8 students.

Session 2: This level assumes complete proficiency with reading Qur’an

  1. Dates: June 9 – July 9
  2. Tuesday, Thursday from 3:00P-4:30P
  3. Cap @ 12 students.
  4. Class content is focused on memorization and tafseer of surah alHujurat

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