Program for Children – Islamic history in Arabic

A new program at ICBC for children and youth with following details. For additional information, please email



    • Educating Islamic History in Arabic.
    • Explaining the fakes injected by non Muslims about Islam.
    • Ensuring pride and belonging of young Muslims to Islam. 
    • Empowering kids reading skills and revision of basic Arabic grammar and metaphors.

Target audience

Kids that understand Arabic 10 years and above

Frequency (one-time or ongoing)

Once a week ongoing

Program days


Time slot

9 – 11 AM

Syllabus or topics to be covered

Islamic history starting from Alb’etha Annabwyah Asshareefah” passing by several Muslim Empires ending with Ottoman empire

Books/references to be used

التاريخ الإسلامي

by محمود شاكر


$25 per month

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