Shura Council Elections

This year the ICBC Shura Council had a total of 9 open positions to be filled through our election.  Alhamdullilah a total of 16 were nominated (9 Brothers and 7 Sisters) by the deadline on Friday Nov 16 at 8:00 PM. 7 of these 16 nominees, while honored to have been considered for the role, decided for various reasons to withdraw their names from consideration. This left 9 nominees for consideration.

The Administration Committee reviewed these 9 nominees.

  • One nominee did not meet the eligibility requirement in that they were not an ICBC member.  
  • Eight nominees met the requirements for Shura Council membership and are eligible candidates.

The eight remaining candidates is less than the number of open Shura Council positions for this election.

Given this situation there is no point in having an election. The 8 candidates are therefore considered ‘elected unopposed’ to fill the vacancies on the Shura Council. There is precedence for this course of action. In a prior Shura Council election, the same situation occurred and no elections were held. The new Shura Council will undertake filling the remaining open position in February per our ICBC Constitution and By-Laws.

Below please see our new members and welcome them to the ICBC Shura Council. All are long time members and contributors to ICBC, and many have been on the Shura Council before.

Seydou Ba

Salah Ud Din

Altaf Hussain

Sheikh Mohseen

Tom Cloyd

Hisham Hammour

Imtiaz Hussain

Khwaja Murshed

Jazaka Allahu Khairan to the community for the excellent nominations and congratulations to our new Shura Council members.

May Allah reward us for all our work on his behalf, and guide us to more and better deeds going forward.  Ameen!

Jazakallahu Khairan

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