Hifz Program for Children during summer


  1. Program Duration: June 17- July 2
  2. Days and times: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday between the hours 11 am and 1 pm
  3. Program has four levels – levels 1-4 with Level 1 for beginners
  4. Each level will be one hour. Parents should pick up after the class ends.
  5. We are accepting new students
  6. There will be an assessment before starting program to determine level of student. This is scheduled for Friday June 14th after the 2nd Jumu’ah salaat
  7. Returning students will not be re-assessed.
  8. Tuition is $75/child
  9. Please read the ICBC policies on children posted to the online
  10. For additional information, please email: education@icbrushycreek.org


Please read the information above regarding the Hifz Program. Click here to register.

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