Part time Hifz Program for Children


  1. Program Duration: June 9 -to- July 9, 2020
  2. Days and times: TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY between the hours 3 pm and 4 pm
  3. Program has 2 levels, as follows:
    1. Session 1: This level assumes little-moderate proficiency with reading and memorizing Qur’an
    2. Session 2: This level assumes complete proficiency with reading Qur’an
  4. Each Session has a class limit
    1. Session 1: Cap is 8 students
    2. Session 2: Cap is 12 students
  5. Each level will be one hour duration. Classes are online.
  6. Students need to register to be sent online class invite
  7. Tuition is $75/child
  8. Please read the ICBC policies on children posted to the online
  9. For additional information, please email:


Please read the information above regarding the Hifz Program. Online registration is at

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