Standing Committees & Scope of Work

At ICBC, we conduct several programs and activities throughout the year, which is possible only with the assistance of our incredible team of committed volunteers. Volunteering enables a person to earn rewards from Allah SWT. It also helps develop leadership skills and allows a person to use his/her expertise and experience to help build a better community.

Below are a number of volunteering opportunities available at the ICBC. Inquiring about a volunteering position does not obligate a person in any way. If you are completing service hours, please make sure to complete any necessary forms.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at ICBC. We pray that Allah SWT reward all our volunteers for devoting their time and effort, Aameen!

Ensure compliance with governmental regulations
Handle all legal affairs
Maintain Insurance policies, Constitution, Property deed, etc.
Review all Proposals / Contracts
Develop/Maintain Policies and Procedures
Conduct membership drive
Create new membership form to collect necessary information

    Weekly donation collection/reconciliation
    PayPal / ACH / Stripe / Mohid / Benevity processing
    Publish monthly financial statements
    Track expenses vs. budget
    Issue annual donation receipts
    Fundraisers and follow-up
    Conduct third party audit of our financial books

      Masjid Affairs
      Guest Lecture programs
      Ramadan programs
      Hafiz for Taraweeh prayers
      Sisters' classes (various)
      Quranic Arabic class
      Quranic Tajweed class
      Miscellaneous programs--Mental Heath workshop, etc.
      Find ways to increase attendance at various programs

        Children's Education
        Weekend Islamic school
        Quran Nazira class
        Quran Hifz program
        Arabic Learning Program
        DUA Hifdh school
        Develop a detailed curriculum for the educational programs
        Identify and develop additional programs
        Conduct periodic audit to measure student progress
        Engage parents and community in program development
        Collaborate with Youth Committee on summer programs

          Youth Activities
          Arts & Craft class
          Boys & Girls Scout
          Calligraphy class
          Cooking Class for Girls
          Crochet class for Girls
          Hijabista class
          Sports & Games
          Stitching class
          Young Muslims (YM) activities
          Enable youth leadership across masjid
          Develop an annual calendar youth activities

            Manage communication mechanisms & activities
            (Email, SMS, Google Voicemail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
            Weekly community email update
            Announcements after Jumu'ah
            Maintain Bulletin board
            Website maintenance
            Zoom account
            Issue annual update
            Prepare annual ICBC Wall Calendar
            Develop a Phone app for ICBC
            ICBC WhatsApp account

              IT Infrastructure
              All aspects of IT resources and infrastructure
              Maintain IT assets list

                Facilities Maintenance
                Identify and set property maintenance goals
                Develop maintenance plan for ICBC
                Maintain list of all assets
                Initiate, Set up and Manage all maintenance contracts
                Manage masjid security (Camera system, Personnel)

                  Social Activities
                  Monthly community dinners
                  Spring/Fall/Eid Carnivals
                  Iftar meals during Ramadan
                  Suhoor meals during Ramadan
                  "Passport to Muslim Lands" program
                  Friday night Social
                  Sunday morning Breakfast Social
                  Garage sale; Blood drive; CPR training; Food distribution
                  Coordinate with ICGA/NAMCC funeral committees
                  Support group for Elders/Senior Citizens
                  Counseling services
                  ChAMP program
                  ICBC Medical Clinic
                  Go Green Initiative
                  Medical Camp
                  Arrange/Host masjid tours for general community
                  Adopt-A-Highway / Cleanup programs
                  Food Preparation/Handling guidelines for meals at ICBC

                    Da'wah & Outreach
                    Da'wah activities
                    Conduct / participate in periodic interfaith activities
                    Liaise with other organizations (churches, schools, etc.)
                    Assistance to Convert/Revert Muslims

                      Community Welfare &
                      New Member Orientation
                      Develop a database of needy families, including refugees
                      Zakat and Sadaqa funds collection/distribution
                      Zakat Al Fitr collection/distribution in Ramadan
                      Provide assistance to new community members
                      Arrange group visits to the sick and bereaved families
                      Visit/Assist Muslim refugee families

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