Construction Update – Oct 19, 2015

Detention Pond
The concrete retaining wall that is immediately adjacent to the parking lot has been constructed. Work is in progress to build the detention pond wall adjacent to the railway tracks. Thereafter, we will install a secure fence around the detention pond. The pond work is expected to be completed in 3 weeks, Insha Allah.

Curbs and Gutters
Work on curbs and gutters is nearing completion. We expect curbs & gutters as well as side walk to be finished by next week, Insha Allah.
Attendees could not have helped notice that the former driveway that led into the parking closer to the prayer halls is now blocked. While a temporary passageway has been opened for attendees to access the current parking lot closer to the Sisters Hall, we request that this access be used by our senior citizens only and everyone else park their vehicles at the future parking areas.

Asphalt Paving
Compaction of the base layers is in progress. We are scheduled to do asphalt paving on the parking lot in 2 weeks, Insha Allah. The paving work is expected to last one day; the masjid will not be accessible for attendees when the paving work is in progress. Please stay tuned for further update in this regard.

Parking lot lighting
Our Electrical Engineer has submitted the parking lot lighting plan to the City (of Cedar Park) for approval. Meanwhile, we are in the process of securing quotes for material and installation.

Landscape and Irrigation
We have received quotes for Landscaping and Irrigation work. This will be the final step in the Phase I construction.

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